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Welcome to the workspace for the European report of the Horizon Project. This wiki is a place for the members of the Horizon Project Europe Advisory Board to manage the selection process for the topics included in the Horizon Report Europe > 2014 Schools Edition. The Horizon Project Europe is a partnership between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the European Commission’s Directorate-General on Education and Culture (EAC), along with JRC the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS); Inholland University; QIN AS; and CellCove Ltd. Building upon the longstanding research and publication of emerging technology trends and uptake in education (higher, primary, secondary) and museums of the Horizon series, the goal of the Horizon Europe project is to document trends and challenges impacting strategic technology planning and policymaking in education across Europe. The 2014 Horizon Report Europe will focus on teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in European primary and secondary schools and will be published Spring 2014.

What's New?

  • The first round of voting has closed and the semifinalists have been selected by the advisory board! Download the PDF of the summary and tallies.
  • The wiki is now open! Welcome Advisory Board members -- if you are new to using this kind of wiki, see our Getting Started guide.

Project Timeline
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Introduction to the Horizon Project Wiki

The Sandbox is our primary work area, where you will find links to the areas in which we are actively engaged. You will see it change as we move through the various processes involved in sorting through the technologies and issues we will deal with as we make our way to the final list that we'll feature in the Horizon Report Europe > 2014 Schools Edition.

Horizon Report Sandbox -- where we are doing our work

STATUS : The Advisory Board has been reviewing these resources as part of their background research and is marking those they consider important references with their wiki signature.

Horizon Report Research Questions -- where we will do our work

STATUS: The Advisory Board is actively entering responses to the research questions listed below. Follow any of the links below to external image arrow-10x10.png.

Additional Resources -- new information that may be germane to our decisions

The Advisory Board is continually monitoring the resources in this section, adding new ones as appropriate, to the Research Question discussions.

The 2014 Horizon Project Advisory Board – guiding our discovery and selection process

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