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We'd love to see your clippings here as well! Please use the edit this page button to add more, or add comments on how or why you think they may or may not be important. As is the convention throughout the Horizon Project Wiki, we ask you to identify items you think are of high interest to us, as I have done here by typing 4 tilde (~) characters -- - Sam Sam Oct 9, 2013 (note - to keep the wiki clean, please put spaces on either side of your marks). This will help us to sift through the articles and determine which ones resonate most strongly with the board as a whole.

Recommended Reading

Editor: While the purpose of this annotated list of readings is not to highlight tools per se, Advisory Board members added several recommendations, which we have collected here:

Advisory Board recommendations
  • Makey Makey
    An Invention kit for everyone - anna.hoberg anna.hoberg Oct 13, 2013- jimdevine jimdevine Oct 14, 2013 Fires the imagination...I have seen it in use. - william.jenkins william.jenkins Oct 15, 2013 Reminds me of WWII military psychologist Edward Cureton's study and a question that predicted success of pilots more than any other question "Did you ever build a model airplane that flew when you were a child?" The pilots who answered yes were more likely to succeed - their passion for plans was predictive. - elizabeth.fitzgerald elizabeth.fitzgerald Oct 15, 2013 - M.vanWetering M.vanWetering Oct 16, 2013
  • ARLearn
    "ARLearn is a tool suite for educators and learners supporting different phases and activities during a field trip. Learners can use the ARLearn app to explore and annotate the real world, while teacher can monitor their progress in real time.The ARLearn platform is intended for teachers that organize a field trip, but can support other serious game scenarios as well. For instance, professionals could use the app when inspecting a site a make notes that are synchronised with their current location. With a web based authoring tool, teachers can add assignments or information to a map." - Jeroen.Bottema Jeroen.Bottema Oct 14, 2013 - barbara.wasson barbara.wasson Oct 14, 2013- Holly.Lu Holly.Lu Oct 16, 2013
  • Robin Goode on Curation. [VIDEO]!/4991003
    Because I think Curation is Social Media King I, LucianeCurator want to share with you 5 of my favorite curation tools, more here [Added by Luciane Duma]

{Editor: This thread was in response to confusion over the above user-posted resource. Samantha not anyone on the leadership team has vetted it.] [Hi Sam, help me out here, are you saying that curation in general is important as a trend, or are you pointing out to Dragontape or those 5 specific tools and asking me if they are important? If it's the first one, I'll vote for it- Riina_Vuorikari Riina_Vuorikari Oct 10, 2013 ! If the latter, wipe me out! - same here- helga helga Oct 11, 2013 - william.jenkins william.jenkins Oct 14, 2013 As the saying goes "When everyone goes panning for gold; sell pots and pans" as there is more content produced than ever before... its those who can curate and summerise the information that will be a real asset.- elizabeth.fitzgerald elizabeth.fitzgerald Oct 15, 2013 Agree, we are swimming in "information" what is essential now is the ability to analysis, synthesise and evaluate and perhaps more importantly have the skill to work out the authenticity and accuracy of the information. - deirdre.butler deirdre.butler Oct 15, 2013 - M.vanWetering M.vanWetering Oct 16, 2013 Include my vote on curation in general and twitter in particular, my 'follow-strategy' is to curate great curators, all I have to do to get to the most relevant infomation is read my twitter feed. Sam's response: Hi all, an advisory board member posted the curation story. Whoever did, please add your signature -- it looks like there are some stimulating conversations surrounding it :) I do personally believe content curation is an important educational trend though and learning what kinds of content to share -- and how to share it -- is critical for both teachers and students. - Sam Sam Oct 25, 2013

Recommended Curation Tools

  • - stefania.aceto stefania.aceto Oct 11, 2013 scoop it is great, I use it a lot! - ann.s.michaelsen ann.s.michaelsen Oct 14, 2013- simon.drazic simon.drazic Oct 16, 2013 is my favorite and the best social media curation tool on the wave to create awesome external image arrow-10x10.png .The main difference with the others social media is essential: lets users follow topics, not people. brings you content on topics you’ve decided to follow, shared by other people on these topics. People we meet are users who are willing to discuss about the same subjects. enables to share things you would not normally share on other social Media .- guus guus Oct 11, 2013 - Gavin Gavin Oct 13, 2013- Jeroen.Bottema Jeroen.Bottema Oct 14, 2013
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest is now the curation tool on the wave hwo bring more trafic than twitter and facebook .Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. Teachers use pinboards to manage their projects .
  • - stefania.aceto stefania.aceto Oct 11, 2013
    is the latest social media startup curation tool for education launched by Grockit team . Learnist super easy toshare what you know by pointing to existing webresources. You can use videos, blogs, books,documents, images, anything to explain how to learn something. - u.simmetsberger u.simmetsberger Oct 10, 2013 - anna.hoberg anna.hoberg Oct 13, 2013
  • I thing intelligent curation is one of the new 21st century learning skills - for teachers and students. Learnist is showing the way to some degree, but twitter for teachers is also playing a role. Now, the use of twitter in classrooms is advocatedby teachers like @domaho.#edchatie So it's 4 from anne.looney - anne.looney anne.looney Oct 14, 2013
  • Twitter is great for Professional Development for Teachers and is a great communication tool for students. Curaton and learning online is important for students. [[user:ann.s.michaelsen|1381863864]* How do we promote "deep learning and engagement" when using these tools rather than fall into the trap of "surface skimming" - deirdre.butler deirdre.butler Oct 15, 2013
  • Socl: pronounced social, allows you to express and share your ideas through rich post collages comprised of images, links . Socl is a researchproject from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs and a startup tool who began as an experiment in social search targeted at students for the purposeof learning.
  • GlogsterEDU stefania.aceto stefania.aceto Oct 11, 2013- simon.drazic simon.drazic Oct 16, 2013
    I am honored to be ambassador for one of the best curation edtools in XXI Century Education . Glogster Edu is the leading global education platform for the creative expression of knowledge andskills in the classroom and beyond. Glogster EDU empower educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text,photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and much more. My students love to make glogster edu presentations to show their activities, their work and also to learn many things using this edtool by - LucianeCurator LucianeCurator Oct 9, 2013 - sounds great- helga helga Oct 11, 2013- jimdevine jimdevine Oct 14, 2013 Yes, it looks good, but I do wonder sometimes about the a triumph of form over content. The examples on the website look very 'busy'.